Photography competition My Beautiful Virumaa (Ilus oled, Virumaa!), 2014

For the third time now, the company Viru Chemistry Group (VKG) and Jõhvi Concert Hall (JCH) invite the good people of Estonia to discover the Virumaa region.

To complement the region’s largest industrial leader and biggest cultural frontrunner, the initiative is also supported by Virumaa’s most significant operators in the fields of tourism, culture, sports and banking. The competition’s jury members include Kaupo Kikkas, Evelin Ilves and Karel Kravik.

It is our shared objective to demonstrate that Virumaa is wondrous, mighty, spirited and rich in its people, nature and events. 

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Special prizes for experienced photographers as well as young picture snappers and the youngest participants!

We stand for Virumaa!

Jury members of the first Virumaa photography competition






Participation terms and conditions for the 2014 Virumaa photography competition:

The competition period runs from March 15 to December 1, 2014.
Participating photographs must be submitted to the competition by December 2, 2014 at the latest.

Submitted photographs must be taken during the competition period, except for photographs submitted in the Oil Shale 90 (Põlevkivitööstus 90) category.

Competition prizes:
3rd place in a given category – EUR 75
2rd place in a given category – EUR 100
1st place in a given category – EUR 150

Each prize comes with two tickets to outstanding cultural events across Estonia and/or Virumaa.

Competition special prizes:
Eastern Virumaa Sports Union (Ida-Virumaa Spordiliit) special prize for best photograph addressing sporting activities in Virumaa

Special prizes from the most significant operators in the region:
Toila SPA and Toila rural municipality special prizes
Saka Cliff Hotel & SPA special prize (hotel accommodation package)
Vihula Manor special prize (hotel accommodation package)
Meresuu Hotel & SPA special prize (hotel accommodation package)
Mäetaguse Manor Hotel Meintack special prize (hotel accommodation package)
Kukruse Polar Manor (Kukruse Polaarmõis) special prize
Daily Põhjarannik special prize
Nordea Bank special prize

Competition categories:

Oil Shale 90
On December 24, 1924, the first oil shale processing plant started operation in the settlement of Kohtla-Järve, laying the foundation for the development of one of the largest and most successful industrial complexes in modern Estonia. During the past 90 years, the oil shale industry has become an inseparable part of the economy and history of not only Virumaa but the whole of Estonia.  
Submissions to the anniversary-themed category should address the nature of contemporary industry in the country and specifically in Virumaa. Historic, retrospective photographs are also accepted, reflecting on Virumaa’s life and development during modern times as well as throughout the course of the past century. 

Unforgettable experience in Virumaa!
In the course of recent years, Virumaa has served as the venue of a number of cultural and sporting events, doing credit not only to the region but the entire country. Virumaa hosts stage productions recreating past historic battles, the country’s largest marathons and performances of the world’s most famous artists. Our county is the home of the only ballet festival in Estonia.
Submissions to this category dedicated to Virumaa’s buzzing cultural life should depict the most memorable events in our region, the accompanying emotion and experience. Event and sports photographs as well as news photos and pictures addressing our region’s everyday life are also most welcome.

See you in Virumaa!
This category focuses on the nature and points of interest in the region and is dedicated to showcasing the gems of our region.
Photographers participating in the category are invited to discover Virumaa, to demonstrate the region’s prettiest locations as well as the area’s unexpected contrasting beauty and vitality.  

Jury members of the competition include: First Lady Evelin Ilves, Editor-in-Chief of the daily Põhjarannik Erik Gamzejev, Head of Jõhvi Concert Hall Piia Tamm, designer and photographer Oliver Oberg, photographer and author of Virumaa Photography Project (Virumaa Fotoprojekt) Karel Kravik. Chairman of the jury is photographer Kaupo Kikkas.

Contact the competition organizers:
Telephone: +372 334 2701